Retro Gaming Emulation on the Raspberry Pi with RetroPie

Where possible I’ll attempt to publish blog posts covering topics in a logical order, progressing through my experiences during the setup of my Raspberry Pi RetroPie installation.

RetroPie Splashscreen
RetroPie Splashscreen

In setting up my installation I have followed a great many of the very useful step-by-step instructions provided elsewhere on the internet; sometimes these answered many questions, but raised others. I often found that I had to go Beyond the Basics, as I’d invariably run into a situation where a step in a chain of instructions didn’t work for me, or I wanted my system to do something which wasn’t directly covered in the guides I was following.

I’m planning that this blog will serve as a reference work for the most part, so that I can keep the notes on what I’ve experienced and learned in a single place, rather than scattered across posts and comments on multiple forums, blogs, and YouTube threads.

I’ll try to produce self-contained posts targeting specific issues (such as configuration of the Pi’s resolution, or the set-up of an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller).

At the time of writing the version of RetroPie I’ve used is 2.6; I’ll be updating to a 3.x build at some stage, but will stick with the older release for now. It’s likely that some (perhaps many) of the issues covered here will be no longer relevant with the ongoing enhancements to RetroPie, however many other topics will still be relevant to older, current (and future) builds.

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