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In the not-too-distant past I was in the habit of writing reviews of retro games for multiple systems including ZX Spectrum, Megadrive, 32X, and arcade machines, some of which were submitted to Retro Gamer magazine‘s original website.

Retro Resolution Reviews

Unfortunately after the Retro Gamer site was updated in late 2013 I, along with many others, found that they were no longer able to access their ‘Retrobate’ (user) profiles, or that they could no longer locate reviews which had previously been submitted (and commented upon by other users).

Fortunately as I’m a habitual hoarder, and tend to keep multiple backups of all things digital, I still have complete versions of my reviews, along with the original research (where applicable).

I also retained my unedited ‘director’s cut’ drafts; reviews at the time were requested to be limited to around 350 words in case of selection for inclusion in the magazine itself; I was gratified when a couple of my edited reviews were duly featured in print.

As I can no longer discover any of these reviews on the (relatively) new Retro Gamer site, and cannot locate even partial text fragments from these via Google, I’ve decided to include them as part of this blog.

Alongside the aforementioned reviews I’ll upload a few that were originally written for submission to another very large, very well established online gaming site (there’s a slightly complex, probably very dull, story attached to this…)

Finally, freshly minted reviews are, of course, on the menu!

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