Side Arms: Hyper Dyne – Arcade Review

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Title: Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
System: Arcade
Manufacturer: Capcom
Year: 1986
Game designers:
Yoshiki Okamoto (as Kihaji Okamoto)
Noritaka Funamizu (as Poo)

Side Arms Hyper Dyne

In the dying days of 1986 Capcom unleashed one of the most gloriously named coin-ops ever, in Side Arms: Hyper Dyne. This second instalment of the Jet Pack Heroes trilogy, sequel to Section Z, was seemingly designed to appeal directly to my then-teenage self, featuring glittering robots, outrageous weaponry, and spectacular explosions.

Allied to the visual splendour is a wondrous sonic assault, a cacophony of crisp lasers, thunderous detonations, pounding electro-magnetic bolts, and (inevitably) croaking toads…

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Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition – Sega Megadrive / Genesis Review

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System: Sega Megadrive (Genesis)
Developer: Capcom
Year: 1993
Genre: One-on-one fighter

Street Fighter II - Megadrive - Ryu vs Ken
Street Fighter II – Megadrive – Ryu vs Ken

Enter the Dragon (punch)

The seminal one-on-one martial arts fest that is Capcom‘s Street Fighter II: Championship Edition (SFII:SCE) hardly requires introduction. Arriving long after the SNES version the 1993 Megadrive port most likely staunched a haemorrhage of 16-bit gamers jumping ship to Nintendo’s platform simply to play the greatest fighter the world had ever seen.

SFII:SCE combines elements of two sequels to the all-conquering arcade machine Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, namely the Championship and Hyper editions; the former bequeaths playable bosses, the latter ten user-selectable speeds providing a gaming experience ranging from ‘snails on Valium’ to ‘Benny Hill on speed’.

Combat ensues against an array of stages set throughout the globe, incorporating impressive parallax scrolling and animated background characters (many of which inexplicably perform unintentionally amusing hand movements). The arenas are sharp, vivid and colourful. Whilst the anime-styled fighters are similarly well portrayed the necessary omission of animation frames lends a staccato feel to the bouts, but not to the detriment of the tremendously visceral gameplay.

Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition - Sega Megadrive
Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition – Sega Megadrive

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