Side Arms: Hyper Dyne – Arcade Review

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Title: Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
System: Arcade
Manufacturer: Capcom
Year: 1986
Game designers:
Yoshiki Okamoto (as Kihaji Okamoto)
Noritaka Funamizu (as Poo)

Side Arms Hyper Dyne

In the dying days of 1986 Capcom unleashed one of the most gloriously named coin-ops ever, in Side Arms: Hyper Dyne. This second instalment of the Jet Pack Heroes trilogy, sequel to Section Z, was seemingly designed to appeal directly to my then-teenage self, featuring glittering robots, outrageous weaponry, and spectacular explosions.

Allied to the visual splendour is a wondrous sonic assault, a cacophony of crisp lasers, thunderous detonations, pounding electro-magnetic bolts, and (inevitably) croaking toads…

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