Overview of Raspberry Pi and retro-gaming system hardware

The Raspberry Pi installation to which all of the current blog posts (at time of writing) relate is as follows:


Core System Components

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (RS Components)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Image: RS Components
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – Image: RS Components

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (RS Components)

Raspberry Pi 2 Model 2

The Pi 2 has been overclocked to extract the maximum performance possible, as many video game system emulators push the hardware to the limits. Please see the series of posts on overclocking and stability testing, beginning with part one, for further details.

Power supply: 5 volt, 2 amp micro usb
Official Raspberry Pi Power Unit (RS Components)

Micro SD memory card
SanDisk SDSDQUN-032G-FFP-A Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card
SanDisk 32GB micro SD (Amazon)
I’ve had mixed success with compatibility of cards in the Pi 2 – most have worked; one 16Gb card was unstable under Noobs and Raspbian, but fine with the RetroPie image

Transparent Raspberry Pi 2 Case by Camac
I selected an open-sided enclosure to allow for heat dissipation
Note: due to the changes to the physical layout of the Pi 2 to the earlier models, only a case designed specifically for the Pi 2 will fit
Camac transparent Raspberry Pi 2 case (Amazon)

Raspberry Pi 2 in transparent case. Image: RetroResolution

Usb wired keyboard (Dell full-sized UK layout, from a very old PC)

Video output
HDMI, Connected to full 1080p HD TV

Internet Connection
Wired via on-board RJ45 Ethernet connector

Ancillary Components

4-port Usb hub with individual switches (used to allow multiple Usb controller adaptors to be connected, switched in and out as required without constantly plugging and unplugging)
4-Port Usb Hub – Individually switched CRU3-H43 (Amazon)

Crossion 4 Port Switched USB Hub. Image: RetroResolution

Usb controller adaptors

Wise ‘3-in-1 Joy Box’
Provides ports for Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation (1 or 2, including DualShock), Sega Dreamcast

Wise 3-in-1 Joy Box SS/PS/DC USB Adaptor. Image: RetroResolution

Mayflash SS/PS/N64 Controller Adaptor
Provides ports for Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation (1 or 2, including DualShock), Nintendo N64
Mayflash SS/PS/N64 Controller Adaptor (Amazon)

Mayflash SS/PS/N64 USB adaptor. Image: RetroResolution

Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver (Amazon)

Sega Megadrive Usb Adaptor
(unbranded, bought many years ago)

Sony Playstation 1 Dualshock controller

Nintendo N64 Controller

Sega Megadrive Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

* Please note:

Please note that I am in no way endorsing any specific product or seller; I provide these details purely for information and to let other users know which products have worked for me. It appears that with certain products the supplier can be important in avoiding issues with returns for faulty items, and even problems with counterfeit goods (which are apparently rife with electronics; it is likely that suppliers have no way of knowing if a given batch of product is genuine or not until feedback comes in from purchasers – this observation is based purely on my own experience and the perusal of many, many feedback entries on shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay)

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